Early Labor

The first part of labor (up till about 4 centimeters dilation), is known as early labor. This stage usually takes the most amount of time, from hours to even days. […] Continue

Arrival at the Hospital

When you think you’re in labor, it’s time to go to the hospital. Every hospital has a different procedure for admission to the hospital. You may be asked to stop […] Continue


Some hospitals give you a small room called a Triage where they can assess you to see if you’re really in labor. There are multiple ways to assess if you […] Continue

LDR Suite

LDR: Labor, Delivery, Recovery. LDR suites are rooms where you will labor and deliver your baby. It replaces the older system where women needed to be taken to a separate […] Continue

Pain Medicine

The three main options for pain management during labor include natural childbirth, IV pain medications, and epidural. The epidural is very safe and for most women will take away all […] Continue

Active Stage of Labor

The active stage is labor is between 4 cm and completely dilated. This is when the contractions are very strong and close together. Dilatation progresses at a much faster rate. […] Continue