Fibroids Overview

Fibroids are very common, 25% of women have some fibroids. Fibriods usually do not cause problems or symptoms but for some women fibroids can cause significant abnormal bleeding or pain. […] Continue

Decreased Menstrual Cycles

When people think of abnormal vaginal bleeding they usually think of too much bleeding. Infrequent or absent bleeding can be problematic as well. This can be a cause of infertility; […] Continue

Am I Pregnant?

One of the common questions that women have is “am I pregnant?” The obvious answer is to do a pregnancy test. It can, however, take up to 2 weeks for […] Continue

Fevers in Children

A very common question from parents is “when do I need to worry about a fever?” There are many misconceptions about fever and its perceived danger. First, it is important […] Continue


Most new parents are very concerned about whether their children have developed jaundice, but often doctors have not done a good job of explaining to parents why jaundice is of […] Continue

Cough and Cold

Probably the most common ailment that parents have to deal with in their children is the routine cough and cold. Cough and cold can keep both parents and children up […] Continue

Endometrial Biopsy

Endometrial biopsy (EMB) is an office procedure that samples the inside lining of the uterus looking for cancer or precancerous changes. This test is most frequently done as part of […] Continue