MedTwice is created by doctors, for patients. Our goal is to provide you with a large database of free medical information. Until recently, doctors have only been able to answer patients’ questions for a short time, and for a high price. The internet is a platform where this information can be limitlessly shared across the world. However, because the sources of information online are often unknown, much of the time it is unreliable. This is why MedTwice has recruited real doctors to answer many of the common questions patients have, in video format, so you know it is coming from a qualified professional.

MedTwice is working hard to bring you a wide range of information from specialists in each field. If something you’re looking for is not here yet, we hope to provide it soon. Frequent future updates will be providing information from all fields of medicine in the video format you’re used to. Check back as we continue to construct this database.

MedTwice is not a replacement for a personal doctor and the advice of your doctor should always be taken first. Each medical case is specific to the individual and the advice here may not be tailored to your needs. Do not make any changes in regard to your healthcare without discussing them with your doctor first. MedTwice is not responsible for any medical complications you may experience. Seek immediate medical help in case of emergency.

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