Baby at Delivery

After the baby is delivered it will usually be put on your chest but sometimes will be taken to a warmer at your bedside.

The cord will be trimmed and the baby will be dried off with towels,

Two medications are usually given to the baby immediately after it is born, an antibiotic ointment to the eyes and an injection of vitamin K. The antibiotic ointment is put on the eyes to prevent an infection that could otherwise cause blindness. The vitamin K is made by the baby’s liver but the production is often delayed for several days after birth. The supplement helps protect the baby from bleeding until the baby can make enough on its own.

The baby will be weighed and measured as well as given a bath.

Bands with matching identifying numbers will be placed on you and the baby and usually one other person who you designate, often the baby’s father. This needs to be checked to prove they match anytime the baby is brought to you after being out of your sight.