C-Section Anesthesia Overview

C-Sections in the United States are most commonly performed using epidural or spinal anesthesia. General anesthesia is more rare and used either for true emergencies or if there is a […] Continue

Choices of Labor Analgesia

There are different choices to manage the pain of labor and childbirth. They include natural methods, IV medications such as narcotics or narcotic analogs, epidural analgesia, and intrathecal or “one […] Continue

Spinal Headache

A spinal headache is a headache after a spinal or epidural procedure caused by spinal fluid leaking out of the puncture site into the surrounding tissues. It is a postural […] Continue

C-Section Anesthesia Spinal

Spinal anesthesia is the most common anesthesia used for c-sections. It is quickly administered, works well, and is extremely safe. Most scheduled c-sections are done using spinal anesthesia. C-sections are […] Continue