Birth Control Overview

There are many different contraceptive choices available. There is no perfect birth control; each has its advantages and disadvantages. This is a “big picture” discussion of birth control discussing the […] Continue

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception is used in a situation where a woman has had unprotected intercourse. It is 80-90% effective if used within 72 hours after unprotected sex. Emergency contraception is also […] Continue


Essure is the trade name for bilateral tubal occlusion. This is a permanent sterilization procedure for women that can be performed in the doctor’s office with minimal or no anesthetic. […] Continue

Bilateral Tubal Ligation

Bilateral Tubal ligation (BTL), also called getting the tubes tied, is a permanent form of birth control for a woman. The BTL has a very low failure rate, less than […] Continue

Barrier Methods

Condoms, the sponge, the diaphragm, the female condom, and the cervical cap are all examples of barrier methods. These need to be placed and then removed with each sexual encounter. […] Continue

Birth Control Shot

The birth control shot is called Depo Provera in the US. It is a shot given once per month and is very effective in preventing pregnancy. The side effects of […] Continue

Birth Control Ring

The contraceptive ring (Nuva Ring) is a soft plastic ring that is placed in the vagina and left in for 3 weeks. It is then removed and a new ring […] Continue

Birth Control Pills

Oral contraceptive agents (birth control pills) are what most people think of when people talk about birth control. They are most commonly a combination of estrogen and progesterone. They are […] Continue


The contraceptive patch is called Ortho Evra in the US. The patch has the same types of hormone as is found in birth control pills.  It just uses a different […] Continue


The IUD (or IUS) is a device that is placed in the uterus in the doctor’s office and stays in for 5 or 10 years depending on the individual product. […] Continue


The contraceptive implant is a single progesterone rod. It has a very low dose of hormone to minimize side effects. The main side effect is periods become irregular and unpredictable […] Continue