Feeling Movement

Most women are feeling the baby move by 20 weeks. Kick counts is a test done in the third trimester to test that the baby is doing well. The early […] Continue

Body Changes

It is during the second trimester that you will begin to “show”, that is, your tummy will begin to bulge out. The exact timing is different for each pregnancy. Generally […] Continue

Genetic Testing

There are several genetic screening tests available: blood tests, ultrasound, cvs, and amniocentesis. These are optional tests and all have advantages and disadvantages. The blood test goes by different names, […] Continue

Feeling Better

People tend to feel best during the second trimester. The nausea and vomiting is going away, energy is back, and you are not so uncomfortable as you may be in […] Continue

Cervical Incompetence

It is very rare to miscarry in the second trimester. Cervical incompetence is a rare condition that can cause second trimester pregnancy loss. Cervical cerclage is a procedure that treats […] Continue