House Visitors

I recommend keeping visitors to a minimum after having a baby. You will be tired and the baby is more prone to infections in the first month after birth. People that come to help can be a good thing; be selective who you invite over.

Taking the baby home from the hospital is an exciting time for everyone. Your friends and family will likely be excited to come over and share the joy and excitement that a new baby brings. Although the visitors are well meaning, it can be difficult for new parents to entertain. It is also dangerous for the baby to be exposed to anyone who might be sick. If the baby gets a fever in the first few weeks of life, it will likely need to be hospitalized as it is difficult to tell the difference between an overwhelming infection and a common cold this early on. For this reason, you want to be careful about exposing the new baby to people who might be sick.

Babies tend not to sleep for long periods of time in the first month of life This means you will not be getting the kind of sleep you are used to and will be very tired. Having a new baby, although exciting, can be very stressful. If this is your first, it totally redefines who you are; you are now a mom. It also redefines your relationship with your partner. Having an endless stream of visitors can make this stress worse for most people.

When my children were born I made a rule that no one was allowed to come over unless they came to help. I asked visitors to bring a meal or help around the house. There was an admission price to see the baby. This actually worked very well. It cut down on the “looky-loos” and the meals and the housework was a big help. I advise you to use this system or something similar to make the first month with the baby easier.

Many times parents, in-laws, or other relatives may offer to spend some time to help in the house. This can be a huge help if having them in the home does not increase stress. Talk this over with your partner before inviting them over for such an arrangement.