Pregnancy By Weeks

Find out whats going on with your baby and your pregnancy for each specific week of pregnancy (Weeks 4-41).

First Prenatal Visit

Information about what will happen during your first prenatal visit, such as, how do I know if I’m pregnant, what questions the doctor will ask you, what tests you will have to take, what labs will be done, how the doctor will date your pregnancy, and even how to quit smoking.

First Trimester

What you should expect to happen during your first trimester of pregnancy. Includes information about nausea, vomiting, dietary restrictions, safe sleeping positions, bleeding, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, fetal heart beat, usual symptoms of pregnancy, and treatment options.

Second Trimester

Procedures and expectations for your second trimester. Information about pregnancy loss, genetic testing, anatomy screening, body changes, feeling movement, and how you may begin to start feeling better.

Third Trimester

Information about your third trimester of pregnancy. Learn about Rhogam, Rh negative blood type, preterm labor, fetel position, placenta previa, glucose tolerance test, knowing if the baby is moving enough with kick counts, precautions for labor, signs of labor, group b strep test, edema and swelling, increased symptoms after 32 weeks, pregnancy disability for work, choosing a doctor for your baby, gestational diabetes, cervical exams, and preeclampsia.

Labor and Delivery

What might occur during labor and the delivery of your baby. Includes information about arriving at the hospital, what your rooms will look like, where you should go, pain medicine, epidural, what to do during early labor and pushing, fetal monitoring, induction of labor, information about nucal cords and meconium, dilation, effacement, station, what will happen to your baby at delivery, and how to deal with issues that may arise.

Caesarean Section

Everything you need to know regarding c-sections. Includes information about what the operating room looks like, what equipment will be used, anesthesia, indications for a c-section, risks for c-sections, vaginal birth after c-section, and bilateral tubal ligation.


What is going to happen after your baby has been delivered. Includes information about your postpartum room, length of stay, process of leaving the hospital, physical care, vaginal and c-section healing, routine followup, birth control, and visitors.

High Risk Pregnancy

Information about problems that may classify your pregnancy as high risk. Learn about seizure medications, getting pregnant while on birth control, advanced maternal age, type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes, hypertension, and preeclampsia.