Patient Centered Medical Home

The Patient Centered Medical Home is a way of organizing and delivering primary care that focuses on the patient. Attributes of the Patient Centered Medical Home  include comprehensive care, is patient centered, coordinated care, accessible services, and a focuses on quality and safety. The Centers for Family Health embrace the Patient Centered Medical Home and are currently implementing  this concept.

Comprehensive care involves many providers in many disciplines being available to meet all the varied needs of the individual patient. At the Centers for Family Health we have not only primary care providers but also  specialists in many disciplines available to meet our patient’s needs. We also have educators, nutritionists, and other personal available to help meet the varied needs of our patients. We practice a team approach to be able to effectively care for all aspects of our patient’s health.

As a Patient Centered Medical Home, the Centers for Family Health provides relationship based primary healthcare with a focus on the patient as a whole person, not a disease entity. We believe that optimum health is achieved through a partnership with the patient and their family recognizing the unique needs and situation that each patient has. We see ourselves as partners with the patient, recognizing that the patient and their families are the core members of the health care team. We strive to educate our patients so that they can be fully informed partners in establishing health care plans.

A robust electronic medical records system is in use at the Centers for Family Health. This is crucial in our ability to coordinate care with resources both within our system and outside of our system. When you visit a specialist at the Centers for Family Care they are able to access your health records electronically. This allows the specialist to understand a broader picture of your health care needs. It helps with more accurate diagnosis and helps eliminate wasteful redundancies and unecessary repeat procedures and tests. When you see your primary care provider they will have access to all the information obtained by the specialist to help coordinate and follow up on recommendations. This is also true if you visit the urgent care, the emergency department, or are admitted to the hospital. This can be critically important during transitions of care an example being when you are discharged form the hospital.

The Centers for Family health strives to make health care accessible. All of our primary care providers maintain same day appointment availability for urgent needs. We also have after hour urgent care services available within our system. These urgent care services are linked with the same electronic medical records allowing the urgent care provider access to your medical history. We strive to decrease wait times and have appointment times to meet your needs. We also maintain around the clock ability to speak with a provider regarding your health care needs. is an internet based site that has answers to many of our patient’s health care questions. The site is designed with both video and text to provide health information in a choice of formats.

Quality and safety is of primary importance at the Centers for Family Health. Our providers practice evidence based medicine to insure the patients are receiving the latest and best treatment options. We are continually undergoing quality and performance improvement processes to insure the highest patient satisfaction with the best possible outcomes. We provide shared decision making with our patients and thier families to provide individualized care that best fits the patients unique circumstances.