Pregnancy By Weeks – Week 13

At week 13 the baby is about 3 inches long. Facial features are starting to develop now. This fetus is looking more and more like a baby every day. 13 weeks marks the end of the first trimester which is a relief on several levels.

The early symptoms of pregnancy are a first trimester phenomenon for most women. This means that the breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue will be going away at this stage of pregnancy. Besides the relief from the nausea and vomiting the increased energy is very welcomed by most women. The second trimester is hen most people feel their best. If there is a trip you are thinking of taking or some special event, the second trimester is the best time during the pregnancy to do that.

The vast majority of miscarriages (about 99%) happen in the first trimester. So at 13 weeks, if you have heard the baby’s heart beat in the doctor’s office you are mostly past the time of having to worry about losing the baby. Most miscarriages happen because of genetic information not sharing well at the time of conception. The baby does not have all the information it needs to develop. It begins to develop b the just stops. If this is going to happen, it would have occurred well before 13 weeks. I tell my patients to start thinking about saving for college for this baby now, because if the baby is alive and well at 13 weeks you will almost certainly be bringing a baby home with this pregnancy.

Some people consider 13 an unlucky number, but for pregnancy this is a big milestone and a much better time for most pregnant women.

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