Pregnancy By Weeks – Week 28

At week 28 the baby is about 2 ½ pounds and about 15 inches in length. Babies born at 28 weeks generally survive. It is still not ideal to deliver at 28 weeks and there are significant risks of prematurity problems at 28 weeks. But if the baby were to be born now it will most likely survive.

Week 28 is firmly into the third trimester and doctor appointments will be every 2 weeks at this point in pregnancy. This gives you more opportunity to ask the doctor questions and hear the fetal heart tones. Things can change more rapidly in the third trimester which is why your doctor will be seeing you more often.

The glucose tolerance test should be completed by now. It is usually done around week 27 but needs to be done now if it has not been done yet. This test looks for gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is one of the few things in obstetrics that intervention can significantly improve outcome. For this reason it is an important test to do.

If you have an Rh negative blood type Rhogam will be given around week 28.Rh negative blood lacks a certain protein. This protein does not effect how the blood cells function in any way. If you are Rh negative and the baby is Rh positive, your body can make a reaction to the baby’s blood. It may not happen with current pregnancy but it may be a problem in subsequent pregnancies. Rhogam is an injection that stops the body from attacking the baby. It is typically given to all Rh negative women at 28 weeks and a second shot is given after delivery if the baby has an Rh positive blood type.