Pregnancy By Weeks – Week 29

At week 29 the baby is 3 pounds and 16 inches in length. Almost ¾ of the way done but the baby still has a lot of growing to do, it will more than double its weight between now and the due date.

The baby is exhibiting REM sleep patterns. REM sleep is associated with dreaming. We can tell that the baby is experiencing REM sleep so one would assume that the baby is now dreaming. What the baby is dreaming of we don’t know, but it is dreaming none the less.

It is common for babies at week 29 to get hiccups. Hiccups are caused b spasms of the phrenic nerve. The phrenic nerve goes to the diaphragm and when the nerve spasms it causes contractions of the diaphragm muscle. The 29 week baby has a phrenic nerve that is still finishing development and therefore more susceptible to these spasms. Hiccups can feel funny to the mom. It is often described as a tapping sensation. If you get a feeling that your baby is tapping on your abdominal wall, it is probably not Morse code but rather hiccups.

Week 29 is a good time to start prenatal classes if you are interested in taking them. These classes typically run once per week for 6 weeks. If you start now you will be done about a month before the due date. This allows you to be finished before you deliver but not finish the classes so early that you forget all that you learned. The schedules vary. Some people prefer to take the entire course over a weekend. If that is the type of course you are going to take, you might wait another month or so. Prenatal classes can be very helpful especially if this is your first baby. They go aver a variety of topics regarding labor, delivery, and postpartum care. This can be very helpful to demystify the topic and make it less intimidating or scary for those who have not been through this before.

At week 29 the baby should be moving quite a bit Movement tends to peak between 28-32 weeks. The baby will have sleep wake cycles and there will be active days and lazy days. Even during a lazy day there should be at least one time during the day that the baby is active. If you are not sure if the baby is moving enough you can do a test called ‘kick counts”. To do a kick count test drink some fluid and have a snack. Lay down somewhere quiet and concentrate on the baby. You should feel 10 movements in less than 2 hours. They don’t have to be big kicks, any movement counts. If the baby moves 10 times in 2 hours or less, that is a great way to know that the baby is OK.

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