Pregnancy By Weeks – Week 33

At week 33 the baby is now over 4 pounds and about 19 inches long. All though the baby is still moving as much as ever, you may start to notice a change in the quality of the movement. As the baby gets bigger you will notice less of the kicking type movements and more of the rolling type. This has to do with the decreased space that the baby has to move in. The baby should still be moving throughout the day but the type of movement changes. This is usually a gradual change that continues until birth.

The Braxton-Hicks contractions may start getting stronger and more frequent in your 33 week. This is normal but does not happen in every pregnancy. If you have more than 6 contractions in an hour that is still worth taking note of. Drink some fluids, have a snack, and lay down somewhere quite. If in the second hour there are still six or more contractions, you should call your doctor or labor and delivery.

This is a good time to preregister at the hospital. Talk to your doctor about how your specific hospital deals with this but most hospitals have a pre-registration process. That typically involves filling out a form with demographic and insurance information. The hospital is going to need this information and it is better to do it now rather then when you are in the middle of labor.

Swelling is a common problem in week 33 and it will likely continue to increase as your pregnancy progresses. Swelling is typical in the hands and feet. The feet and ankles tend to swell worse by the end of the day. The hands tend to be the worst in the morning. As long as the swelling is more or less equal on both sides it is probably normal. Swelling that occurs on only one side could be a problem and deserves a phone call or a visit to your doctor. Keeping the legs elevated will help decrease the swelling in your feet and legs, decreasing your salt intake may help as well. Be careful that your rings do not get stuck on your fingers. If the rings are starting to get tight, take them off before they get stuck. Occasionally I have patients who let things get out of control and the swelling of the fingers is bad enough that the stuck ring cuts off circulation to the finger. If this happens the ring will need to be cut off the finger so try to avoid this.

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