Pregnancy By Weeks – Week 34

At week 34 the baby is now about 5 pounds and 19 inches long. 34 weeks is a big milestone because babies born now will most likely be fine. 34 week babies will still need a stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) but have excellent long term outcomes. We still don’t want the baby to be born at 34 weeks but if it is it will likely be a normal child. In fact, if your water breaks at 34 weeks typically we will let you deliver, that is how healthy the baby is at this point.

At week 34 the finger nails are now at the end of the fingertips. The nails continue to grow and will be beyond the fingertips when the baby is born but at week 34 the fingernails have reached the fingertips. One thing you might want to pack in your hospital bag is a baby nail clipper. Because the baby will have fairly long nails at birth you might want to trim them. Newborn babies have a tendency to scratch themselves, this doesn’t cause any problems but it can make the baby pictures not as cute.

Most babies will be head down (vertex) by 34 weeks. The baby fits best head down in your body at this point. Because it fits best this way most babies will not turn once they find the vertex position. If the baby is not head down at week 34 don’t worry, most babies will still turn and find the vertex position prior to birth.

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