Pregnancy By Weeks – Week 37

Week is considered full term. The baby is about 6 1/2 pounds and if born now should do fine. Even though week 37 is considered full term, we would not electively deliver you until at least week 39. Babies at week 37 still have some growing and developing to do even though they are considered full term.

This is a good time to think about being prepared for that inevitable trip to the hospital to have the baby. It could be any day now. The most important thing is to have a car seat for the baby. This is the one item that you absolutely need before leaving the hospital. In California the hospital will not let you leave with your baby if you do not have a car seat. Take it out of the box and install it in your car, it will be one less thing to worry about.

You also will want to have a bag packed. There isn’t anything that you absolutely have to have in the bag. Put the things in that will make your stay at the hospital more comfortable. Most people pack a toiletries. You might want to have something to listen to music with. A book to read might be helpful. Some women prefer to wear their own pajamas in the hospital others prefer the hospital gown. You should also pack comfortable cloths to wear home. You will not leave the hospital the same size you were before you had the baby, expect to wear the cloths that you wore at about 28 weeks. You might also pack some baby cloths especially if there is a special outfit you want the baby to wear for the hospital newborn pictures.

It is a good idea to make plans for getting help while you are in the hospital. If you have other kids, have a contingency plan about who you can call to help watch them. If you have pets, its a good idea to have someone available to help with them while you are in the hospital. Being well prepared will help reduce some of the stress involved with going into labor.

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