Pregnancy By Weeks – Week 41

Week 41 can be disappointing, you thought you would have had your baby by now. Don’t worry, your baby will be here soon and the pregnancy will be behind you and a new chapter in your life with the new child will start.

You doctor will probably recommend induction during week 41. The reason to induce has to do with risks to the baby of being post dates. Statistically, babies born more than 14 days past the due date have worse outcomes. The reason has to do with the placenta. The placenta is not designed to last more than the normal length of a pregnancy. As the placenta ages there is less blood flow across the placenta and less ability for oxygen and nutrient transfer. This means that a baby more than 14 days past the due date may not have as much reserve or be getting enough of what it needs to stay healthy.

Your doctor may order a test of fetal well being, the most common tests are the NST and the BPP. The NST, or non-stress test monitors the baby fr 20-30 minutes The pattern of the babies heart rate is observed and this can reassure us that the baby is still doing well. The BPP, or biophysical profile, is an ultrasound that measures 4 characteristics of the baby and intrauterine environment. A good score on the BPP also reassures us that the baby is doing well.

Kick counts remain important especially as you continue to go past the due date. Make sure the baby is moving adequately. If the baby is not moving enough and does not pass the kick count test it is important to call and been seen right away to have the baby monitored.

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