Routine Followup

All women need to be seen 6 weeks after delivery by their obstetrician for a complete exam. If you had a c-section your doctor may want to see you at 1-2 weeks after the surgery. The baby will need to be seen sooner, usually a few days after leaving the hospital, but the baby’s doctor will let you know about that.

At the 6 week postpartum visit you will get a complete exam like when you get your annual. The main topic to discuss will be birth control. Try to think about when you might want to have your next child and what type of birth control you are interested in. There are a lot of good choices and your doctor can discuss options with you at your 6 week follow up or postpartum visit.

You should not have sex before the 6 week visit. There is an increased risk of infection if you do. Sex this early can cause the vagina to take longer to heal. You are fertile prior to the 6 week postpartum mark. It is not uncommon to have patients come to the 6 week visit already pregnant. This is like having twins the hard way and never good news for people. If you decide not to follow the advice and have sex before your 6 week postpartum check please use a condom.

If you had a c-section your doctor may want to see you before six weeks. I like to see my patients 1-2 weeks after the surgery to check on them. I want to make sure the incision is healing well and give them more pain medication if needed.

If you are having problems don’t wait until the six week check to see your doctor. Call and make an appointment sooner. If you have a high fever, significant pain, or get really depressed you need to be seen immediately.